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Fake UNREAL tattoo OG pack

Fake UNREAL tattoo OG pack

Normál ár €4,70 EUR
Normál ár Akciós ár €4,70 EUR
Akciós Elfogyott
Tartalmazza az adót. A szállítási költséget a megrendeléskor számítjuk ki.



How to use it:

After receiving the package, carefully cut around the pattern to achieve the best result. Peel off the transparent film from the pattern and place it on a hairless, dry skin surface with the pattern facing down. Once positioned correctly, wet the back of the pattern (the blank surface) and slide off the paper.


Washable, temporary tattoos are produced using skin-friendly technology. However, there are certain cases in which we do not recommend their use. If you do not heed the following instructions and those in the user manual, you are not using the product as intended. In such cases, we do not take responsibility for any potential injuries caused by the product!

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